Bin Weevil X Cheats Awards 2012! Questions

Did you know that today is the awards day. We will be giving out lots of made trophy’s and medals to sites and people. This is another big event of the year like our pages event. Lets start….. if you have a site feel free to copy the medals and trophy’s to your site as this page/post is not copyscape.

All sites medals;

Everyone who has made a website with will receive a medal. Below…..

This medal below is for Weevily world, weevily x, bin xtra 2, bin weevil clan, bin weevil x cheats 2, grotts gang, bin checkers, mulch mayhem, mulch and mayhem and every other site!


Best site awards!

5 of the best bin weevil cheats site by or are listed below with a cool trophy!

Weevily world, bin xtra, grotts gang, weevily and weevily x. Copy this trophy below to your site in a blog post.


We will continue this post with some more things LATER.


After saying about the Ice Age 4 hangman answers we’ve had lest people ask for them. You are still doing it a bit and thats why the Red White and Blue post is not sticky and password protected. We have got some other questions that we are now going to answer;

  1. Were are the five acorn in bin weevil

They are at the shopping mall, inside tums dinner, club fling, riggs movie multiplex and figgs cafe.

  • new binweevil world cheat codes

To find out codes go to our mystery codes page

  • where to use kurio codes

You use them inside the party.

  • what are the mystery seeds in binweevils

Good question. There is 5 mystery seeds in the bin card 1 which was in a blog post we re-bloged from weevly world but we can not quite remember so find the post. We don’t know what they are yet for your second bin card.

  • binweevils xp codes 2012

The codes are in the mystery codes page. 

  • on binweevils how to get to your photo studio

To get your photo studio you need to become a bin tycoon and then go into your FREE plaza and buy a photo studio for 10,000 Mulch


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