Mystery Codes (UPDATED)

Hey weevils, Great news! We now show you all mystery codes in a YouTube video! We’re currently working on the subject of doing that but it should be done soon!

We will try and get more videos soon! You can view the rest of the codes below!

 not submit codes more than once or if we already have them. In the BWXC feedbacks from all forms on the site most of them are from the form on this page. Over 100 of them. They have been repeated by the same person with same code many times. Due to this the rules are getting worse and you will be banned for 150 days. If repeated code more than 3 times then 350 days. 6 is 900. If more than that then 20,000.

This page is being updated weekly.

Hi, Welcome to the Bin Weevil X Cheats Mystery codes page! Here we display every mystery code ever created on Bin Weevils. This page is updated a few times each day but if it is not it will take no longer than 3 days. We hope you enjoy the codes and like them for your nest! Feel free to copy this page to your blog but please put a link back to Bin Weevil X Cheats at the top of the page!

Codes by video:
Codes for Dosh:

Other codes by video:

There is lots of these so heres the playlist. It has all of them. When first one finishes, second will start and so on.

Codes by word: All:

TREAT6 – Nest Item -welcome sign

SECRET8 – Nest Item – box chair

BAFTA543 – expired

BAFTA879 – expired




















MULCHMAG1120 – 1000 Mulch

SWSP4KJL47AF – 1000 Mulch

3RED6SCRIBBLES – 500 Mulch

SEA2012 – 500 Mulch

102BONBON662 – expired

167HOLIDAY1 – 500 Mulch/30 XP

LAB229MULCH3 – 200 XP


WW150XP3 – 150 xp

WW150MULCH13 – 150 mulch

GIFT9 – welcome sign

CLOTT1296 – expired

554OCEAN222 – expired



FABWAVES7 – expired

FAW275L9Z3P4 – bin pet wallpaper

3ORANGE14 –  blue sweet jar item/50 mulch

30DOSHCHAIRS – expired

325645 – Ink’s magnifying glass statue nest item

343HATS121 – expired

BINMAG50 –  expired


986SLD3Z7J – exploding bell jar nest item

IMAGINE2012BW – SWS poster

LAB19SLUDGE5RED8 – Bin Weevils Magazine poster Issue #1

12PURPLE4 – expired

16STICKER1026 – Scribbles wall sticker

1342CLEVER3412 – expired


LUCKY2012GREEN – St. Patrick’s Day poster

BUNTY65F – expired

DOSHPOSH50 – expired

SUOGNOMUH –  expired

9BLUE10FLAG15KIP – Bin Weevils Mag poster Issue #2

CLOTT12E – expired

535EGGS221 – expired

BUNNY2012HOP – Scribbles Easter Poster

300TINK2PET4KEY – Dosh Jack-in-the-box Nest Item

48MAGIC10 – Red & White Mushroom Stool Nest Item

6REWOLF – expired

7GREEN1549FLING9 – Dosh’s Top Hat & Monocle Replica

(credit to discowboy & dadonnblueweevil)

8BLOSSOM26 – expired

PLANET2012BW – Earth Day Wallpaper

MONTYMAG50 – expired

1432BRAINY1312 – expired

16SCRIBBLES3 – Coconut Torch Nest Item

DOSH3PINK6GREEN3 – Bin Weevils Mag poster Issue #3

BIRTHDAY256 – expired

SMK422A8T6Y – filing cabinet nest item

TGZ638J9A4Q – exploding Birthday Cake nest item

6HSINAV – expired

321338 – Balloon Blower Nest Item

TINK57BLUE3DOSH7 – Bunty’s Signed Celebrity Star nest item

Credit to RFLAME100

19FOOTBALL11 – Extra Bouncy Football nest item

FAB17823 – expired

RUG18MANOR11KIP7 – Bunty’s Backstage VIP Passes nest item

MASK785 – expired



BW2012ROYAL – Jubilee Bunting nest item

RIGGRED5HAM7PINK – Bin Weevils Mag Poster Issue #4



DOSH2APPLE6RED8 – Posh’s Signed Celebrity Star Poster

2413TINK4132 – EXPIRED

YUCK2972 – Smelly Sock Chandelier nest item

(credit to sosaphink)

ICKY3859  – Slime Wallpaper nest item

475BOSH10356BLUE – Lady Wawa Poster nest item

(credit to RFLAME100)


FLIPOUT50 – expired

(credit to dadonnbluewweevil)


DOSH24KEM10CROWN – Bin Weevils Mag Poster Issue #5

FRIDAY13TH – Slime Cauldron nest item


RIGG1016TONG905 – Posh Poster



GONG5HEM12POSH4 – Flip collectors plaque nest item

BOUNCE2012 – Miniature Flip’s Ball – Bin Pet Balls nest item

BLING64 – expired

BINBUDS50 – expired

45WHIZ12 – Potion Jar nest item

519253133 – Bin Weevils Mag Poster Issue #6

ROTIART – expired

5DOTTROTT42WEB – Pirate Flag nest item

923413 – Party Time Bin Pet House

172530334753 – Ink’s Wallpaper

8DRAGON – Gam & Baby Colin Picture

ZOOM2012FLAM – Flam Poster

426NEST886 – Nest Inspector Fan Poster

BUGZ3R6D6 – Nest Inspector Mirror

4939123635 – Coat Stand

866KEM262 – exspired

YES61 – exspired

WW150POSTER15 – 150th issue  Weevil Weekly Poster

FLAMGARDEN3 – Garden Inspector Poster

SLIMEGRIME50 – expired

76APPLES19 – Bowl of Apples nest item

(credit to seanlego)

SCRIBBLESSTAR12 – Scribbles Celebrity Star Poster

(credit to TELIK2456)

473235 – Bin Weevils Mag Poster Issue #7

2SLAM6RAM10CLOTT – Lab’s Magic 8 Ball

TRIGG7324KEMBLUE – Lab’s Workstation


FLAM2840JAM4ROPE – Weevil X Poster

SCRIBBLESBOO – Halloween Poster of Scribbles

(Credit to Weevilpedia)

SCRIBBLESMAGIC – Scribbles Halloween Poster

ZING72 – Gam Halloween Poster


BW4573WALL – BW BAFTA Wallpaper 2012

BW8765TROPHY – BW BAFTA Trophy 2012

ZOMBIES7 – Halloween Poster

HALLOBIN31 – Halloween Sign

51GREEN11 – Bonfire night Extinguisher

GFOX511 – Fireworks Wallpaper

7SLIMEDIGG695KIP – Bin Weevils Mag fan poster #8

SMYTHS2012 – SMYTHS toy-shop wallpaper

TOYMASTER1112 – Toymaster dog nest item

(Credit to CUDD)

271725305257 – Zing’s Gadget Machine nest item

32WHIZZFIGG6PUNT – Flam’s Propeller nest item

BOTS27547 – Miniature Lab’s Lab Collectible

7PUDDING35 – Christmas Pudding nest item

BAFTA4BW2012 – BW 2012 BAFTA Balloons

STAR7310 – Snow Man wall sticker

JINGLEBELLS11 – Hot Chocolate Mug

(Credit to sprite4444)

GLITTER24 – Gold Christmas Tree

313227446467 – Mince Pie Sticker

12HOLLYGOSH3110 – BW Mag Poster #9

POSHMERRY7 – Weevil X Christmas Bauble

MERRY2412 – Cookies and Milk

YESSNOW210 – Snow Globe

WEEVILYWISH2013 – Happy New Year Banner

GNIPPOHS – Lady Wawa Poster

GO6COLIN2GLITTER – The Official Guide Wallpaper

(Credit to cookiemonste619)

CTD95YAG7H7 – Colin the dragon window

(Credit to cookiemonste619)

BINMUSIC2013 – Golden Saxophone

12151617 – BW Mag poster issue #10

DOTT769 – Dott Portrait nest item

JET398FRUIT2 – 250 Mulch

ORANGEWAWA6 – Posh and Lady Wawa portait

ECUASTOH – Picture of Gam with Baby Colin

334147407675 – Fling Rocks Poster

RESPECT – SWS Wallpaper


10ROCK30 – Bin Weevils Rock poster

ZING8BOP6HEM6BED – BW Mag Fan Poster issue #11

11GEM6 – Pirate Flag nest item and 200 Mulch

BINBIRTHDAY50 – 50 Mulch

PARRRTY – Message in a bottle nest item

CLOTT25000 – 200 Mulch

CICERO24GLUM1118 – BW mag 1ssue #12 fan poster

PIRATEMAP – Pirate Map

BLUEROSE – Pink Tulip Seed (for your bin garden)

71625126148156 – Pile of Dosh & Mulch notes & coins

SWS4GSFS4WXSBA – Castle Gam Dungeon Door

LUCKY2013 – St Patricks Day poster

DOSH2013WW – Dosh’s Top Hat and Monocle

35277325 – Green Scent Flower in Starry Pot


This poll below was from my very popular and old site, It was  the poll from the bottom of the codes page. It had 192 votes before it was put here and it goes up about 5 everyday on that site. By putting it here it might go  up another 5 a day – 10 votes a day.

Submit a code!

You can submit a code below or comment! If you use the below way you will a link on the code!


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